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Brain Metastasis Treatments in Dallas

Metastasis occurs when cancer spreads to other parts of the body. Many cancers can spread to the brain or spine. Cancer becomes more difficult to treat once it spreads, but there are often ways to reduce the symptoms and, in some cases, remove the cancer entirely.

Treating Metastasized Cancer

There are two approaches to treating cancer that has metastasized. One approach aims to attack all the cancer at once. These are called “systemic” treatments and include methods such as chemotherapy and radiation.

The other approach is called “local” therapy. In local therapy, doctors focus on treating one area at a time to systematically reduce or remove cancer from various parts of the body. Which method of treatment is right for you depends on where your cancer originated and how far it has spread throughout the body.

If your cancer has spread to the brain or spinal cord, the multidisciplinary team at Methodist Moody Brain and Spine Institute can utilize a variety of cutting-edge treatments to remove the tumor or help you manage symptoms. Call us at (214) 948-2076 to learn more.