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Dallas Malignant Tumor Surgery

Cutting-Edge Treatments from Experienced Surgeons

Being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor can be frightening. This is a serious diagnosis, but it does not mean you are without options. At Methodist Moody Brain and Spine Institute, our multidisciplinary team has years of experience treating and removing malignant brain tumors. We are committed to providing you and your family with forthright and honest information about your condition and cutting edge treatments through every step of your battle with cancer.

What You Should Know About Malignant Tumors

Malignant brain tumors can spread rapidly and cause symptoms such as severe headaches, seizures, confusion, and nausea. There are two types of malignant brain tumor. Gliomas are tumors that come from in the brain or spinal cord tissue itself, while metastatic tumors are tumors originate elsewhere and spread into the brain or spinal cord.

It may take time before the symptoms of a brain tumor manifest. Unfortunately, these symptoms can also be attributed to many other causes. Knowing the risk factors for brain cancer can help you take notice of the symptoms if they occur.

Some risk factors for malignant brain cancers include:

  • Being between the ages of 45 and 65 (but keep in mind that tumors can form at any age)
  • Previous exposure to radiation or undergoing radiation therapy
  • History of any type of cancer
  • Family history of brain cancer
  • History of seizures

Treatment Goals

The goal of brain tumor treatment is to remove as much of the tumor as safely possible. This is usually done with a combination of surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. Because of the complexity involved with treating brain tumors, it is essential that you work with a multidisciplinary team who can address the various aspects or brain cancer treatment.

Patients who have their entire tumor removed in one surgery typically have the best results overall. If a tumor returns or a second tumor manifests, completely removing the cancer is not always possible, but treatment can still help with the symptoms and life expectancy.

At Methodist Moody Brain and Spine Institute, we have a highly skilled multidisciplinary team of neurosurgeons who are experienced with brain tumor treatment. Call (214) 948-2076 to learn more.