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Minimally Invasive Brain Aneurysm Treatment in Richardson

An aneurysm in the brain is a weakening in an artery that results in thinning and ballooning of the artery’s wall. As blood flows through the aneurysm, it can enlarge and even rupture. Risk factors for aneurysms include smoking, high blood pressure, and family history.

Treating an Aneurysm

Treating an aneurysm requires stopping the blood flow into it. This can be done one of two ways.

Treatments for aneurysms include:

  • Endovascular coiling: This minimally invasive treatment involves inserting a catheter up into the brain and placing soft platinum coils into the aneurysm, which causes it to begin clotting. Some people may require a stent to strengthen their artery while the coils are un-spooled into the aneurysm.
  • Surgical clipping: This is an open surgical procedure in which the surgeon places a metal clip around the neck of the aneurysm.